Performance Management

Performance management includes identifying, collecting, analyzing, and reporting on indicators that show how well the organization performs internally and delivers services to the public. ICMA disseminates research and effective management practices and provides tools and resources for establishing a performance management program, gaining staff buy-in, using the data for monitoring and evaluation to identify priorities for improvement, and benchmarking with peer jurisdictions.

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Performance Management in the ICMA Blog

Leading practices and resources for measuring and improving services.

Open Access Benchmarking

ICMA facilitates software-neutral benchmarking that puts cities and counties in the driver’s seat.

Certificates in Performance Management

ICMA Certificates in Performance management bring your jurisdiction the recognition it deserves for data-driven management and communication.

Top Performance Management Resources

Resources to help managers use performance data to improve local government services.

ICMA Open Access Benchmarking: Key Performance Indicators

Metrics selected by the ICMA Performance Management Advisory Committee for nationwide benchmarking.

Performance Management Advisory Committee

The committee provides advice on leading practices in performance management and analytics.