Bloggers Wanted

Would you like to contribute to the monthly Ambassador newsletter?

We are looking for innovative ideas which you believe will solve problems for your organization or local government at large!  In your submissions please answer the following questions and include any citations and pictures you have:

  1. What significant challenge is your organization/local government facing currently?
  2. What innovative idea do you have that will help solve this challenge?
  3. What type of impact do you think this idea would create?
  4. Talk about the challenges implementing this idea may have on your organization/local government at large;
  5. Talk about the successful outcomes this idea would help your organization/local government at large achieve;
  6. What would be a good first step in getting this new idea implemented?
  7. Why does this idea matter to you and your professional career?

We look forward to submissions at any time, but by the 15th of each month for the next month's newsletter. Submissions can be emailed to Nijah Fudge, West Regional Director at