Become a TLG Partner

Taylor Reimann

TLG Partner Benefits at TLG

  • 4 Registrations to the TLG Conference Per Year (Three year value $6,000)

  • 4 Registrations to an exclusive conference session for TLG Partners. Session topics can include team building, leadership or innovation

TLG Partner Benefits Throughout the Year

  • $100 Discount off Organization Wide Participation in any Hot Topic Webinar (Three year value $3,600)

  • One free organization wide webinar per year created specifically for TLG Partner Jurisdictions. Topic areas to focus on team building, organizational transformation or leadership (Three year value $1,185)

  • Assist Alliance staff in designing the TLG Conference Experience by offering input including theme, topic, and keynote suggestions

Total Three-Year value $10,785, your cost $5,500

The TLG Conference Partner Program is an opportunity for organizations to attend TLG and maximize their Alliance for Innovation membership.

Conference Partners benefit from:

  • Recognition as a Leader in Innovation and Public Service

  • Investing in Employee Development through discounted pricing 

  • Networking Opportunities with Leading Local Governments

  • Sharing the TLG Experience Year Round with Your Entire Organization

Contact Brandi Allen, Conferences Director at 602.496.1097 or

Become a TLG Conference Partner Today! 

Special thanks to the current TLG Conference Partner Governments