Alliance Partners

The Alliance for Innovation recognizes the need to work with national and international partners and Corporate Partners that support our mission to transform local government by accelerating the development and dissemination of innovations. Our  Affiliates, University Affiliates and Corporate Partners provide a wide variety of services and resources to both the Alliance and its members. 


affiliate program

The Alliance Affiliate Program has deepened and broadened our relationship with associations that are pursuing the work of innovation in local government.  Through the Affiliate Program, the Alliance is able to increase awareness of national innovations and gain exposure to local innovations that can be shared nationally. 

The Alliance is proud of its relationships with the associations listed here.

Are you interested in becoming an Affiliate of the Alliance for Innovation?  Contact your Regional Director


University Affiliates

The Alliance University Affiliate Program provides for a deliberate and clear connection with universities across the US with strong Schools of Public Affairs. Developing relationships with universities is a major step in the intended progress of the Alliance as a vehicle to bring together forward-thinking local governments with academic institutions doing cutting-edge research. View the list of university affiliates helping shape the path forward for local government. 


corporate Partners

Alliance Corporate Partners serve to create opportunities for local governments to pursue innovative solutions that save cost and initiate greater effectiveness within organizations and communities.  Corporate Partners offer unique products, consulting and training specifically tailored to benefit Alliance members and provide solutions in a credible, non-commercial environment. 

Please review the impressive list of Alliance Corporate Partners. Contact the Corporate Partner Liaison, Karen Leone at or the Regional Director in your area for more information, introductions, and to schedule virtual demonstrations. 


corporate Partnership opportunities

The Alliance welcomes Corporate Partnerships with innovative private sector and nonprofit organizations. We encourage companies providing proven or emerging technologies, products, training, and/or consulting services specific to local government to contact Karen Leone, Corporate Partner Liaison at or 602.496.1095.

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