Alliance Affiliate Partnership Program

The Alliance for Innovation recognizes the need to affiliate with national and international partners that support our mission to transform local government by accelerating the development and dissemination of innovations.  Partners provide a wide variety of services and resources to both the Alliance and its members.

affiliate partnership program

The Alliance Affiliate Partnership Program has deepened and broadened our relationship with associations that are pursuing the work of innovation in local government.  Through the Affiliate Partnership Program, the Alliance is able to increase awareness of national innovations and gain exposure to local innovations that can be shared nationally. 


The Alliance is proud of our relationships with the following associations:

Arizona City/County Management Association   

Center for Digital Government

Colorado Municipal League

Florida City and County Management Association

Georgia City/County Management Association 

Government Finance Officers Association

Illinois City/County Management Association

League of Arizona Cities and Towns


Local Government Managers Association of Nevada

Maryland Municipal League 

Missouri Municipal League

Municipal Management Association of Northern California

Muncipal Management Association of Southern California

Municipal Technical Advisory Service at the University of Tennessee

National Council for Public-Private Partnerships

North Carolina City and County Management Association

Paramount World Group

Are you interested in becoming an Affiliate Partner of the Alliance for Innovation?  Contact your Regional Director. 

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